Monday Night Football Drink Specials...$3 crown and down! See you tonight!!!
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Lunch Specials until 3! $3 Bloody Mary, Mimosa, and Cowboy Margarita's!
Crazy Cowboy has a new Smoker. This is a Monster. Come by and check it out
Starters for the low carb lovers!!! Sausage and great cheeses
Another great night at Crazy Cowboys!
First people on the deck. ..haaa 2 year's ago.
With my soon to be bride!
Love the girls at Crazys Cowboys
Crazy Cowboys designated driver
Crazy Cowboys designated driver
Cowboy cuddles at cowboys
Having a good time at Crazy Cowboys!!!
CC catering
This is how we celebrate St Patty's Day!!!
Happy St.Patty's Day
Steak and cab night
Greggs 21 birthday love him so much
My girls so much fun
No Blink Coupon on Steak night!
Happy Hour at CC!!!!!
New talent at crazy cowboys Taylor
Having fun with friends
Sam helping Rodney she wants to be a singer like dad and grandpa you go Sam
Happy Birthday Leah
Happy Birthday Natilin
Last moments before I lose a bet ... lol
Crazy Cowboys in Green Bay
Guess who happy holidays
Studying the Stars game intently at Crazy Cowboy!
Happy Halloween everyone
Halloween time
Getting ready for blues fest
Just nefore the congo line started
It's stash kinda day
Come and get it!
Bloody Mary kinda Sunday!
Party @ our table!!
Much needed happy hour after a loooong week!
Ready to watch the FROGS at Crazy Cowboy!
Even VETERANS love Crazy Cowboy!
He's not mental just a little crazy!
Beware, Carter Utley is in da house
I love you beer
I'm really excited to be spending my Saturday night at CC!